Samsung HG55EC690EB

139.7 cm (55 ") LED Full HD, 6 ms, 350 cd/m², 2 x 10 W, HDMI, VESA, Smart TV

Enhance the ambiance of premium hotel rooms with a sophisticated design
Expertly designed for upscale hotels, Samsung HC690 Series displays are integrated high-performing TVs that include many premium hospitality features and an easy-to-use interface. The displays contribute to a luxurious guest room atmosphere and offer superior viewing with their sleek, streamlined profiles and narrow, distraction-free bezel design thanks to Samsung’s advanced LED technology. With this very narrow bezel, which helps the display blend into the background, your guests can focus more on the projected messages, not on the device. Stylish Samsung HC690 Series displays will enhance the ambiance of your guest rooms and your hotel image.
Satisfy guests with richer information using the Samsung LYNK SINC 3.0 solution
Deliver and manage in-room TV content easily and simply with the new Samsung LYNK SINC 3.0 solution. With this innovative solution, you can manage your assets and provide interactivity for your guests without the need for cumbersome set-top boxes (STBs) or dependence on SIs. The solution gives hotel management the ability to monitor in-room TV status, such as an IP network and guest check-in and checkout status. In addition, hotel managers can remotely control TVs to efficiently perform power and firmware updates. With LYNK SINC 3.0, hotels can create unique channel lists and edit the channel mapping of available channels to tailor them to specific needs. Linked with the Property Management System (PMS) server, LYNK SINC provides fully independent and cost-effective control over content and display management.
Deliver an elevated guest viewing experience and richer information with customized content management
LYNK SINC 3.0 offers a winning combination of new features that enhance the guest viewing experience for their convenience and enjoyment. For easier management, a new customizable user interface (UI) features a grid template, which can be populated with content tailored to specific guests. This content can include unique, highly customized Home screens that promote branding and impress viewers. Managers can assign various guests to groups that have similar sets of channels and content needs, which is ideal for targeting a specific group of guests such as convention attendees or tourist groups. Real-time messages can be sent to a single guest or a group of guests based on information. To further enrich the guest experience, LYNK SINC 3.0 enables hotels to provide weather information and timely flight information from selected airports using 3rd-party content providers, as well as hotel services, tourist information and more with multi-language support. In addition, Samsung apps and TV features enable guests to use familiar apps through the SINC solution and provide easy access to popular social networking sites.
Treat guests to a warm welcome through your hotel's customized Home menu
Enhance guest convenience and your hotel brand, even in a no-network environment, with the Hospitality Home menu. Greet guests with a simplified Home screen that displays a live channel stream plus a welcome message, hotel information and the time and date. Increase guests’ comfort with easy Home screen access to commonly used hotel features, such as morning wake-up calls, My Channel and sleep timers. The welcome message, hotel information, and easy access features can be edited from the factory mode. Plus, these customizations can be easily cloned to a USB for efficiently applying the same content to displays in other guest rooms.
Treat guests to a warm welcome through your hotel's customized Home menu
HC690 Series displays transform the guest experience by providing an in-room, multi-device entertainment hub with the following features:
Smart View 2.0
Allow guests to watch TV channels on a broad range of mobile devices. Guests can also upload content, such as photos, videos and music files, from a mobile device to an intuitive interface on the TV for easy selection and viewing.
Soft AP
Provide a software access point (AP) or hotspot where guests can wirelessly connect up to four devices. Guests can adjust the signal level and change channels to suit their needs.
AllShare® technology
Enable guests to play personal content through a wireless connection on their room TV. Content includes movies, photos and music.
Screen Mirroring
Enable guests to share the screen of a mobile device with the TV without the need for an AP. The TV shows exactly what displays on the mobile device with no content restrictions.
Protect content with advanced DRM technology
Enhance security with LYNK™ Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology, a software-based and cost-effective alternative to hardware-based content protection systems.As it is a fully software-based solution, Samsung LYNK™ DRM has a high adaptability to various head-ends. Also, it is easier to implement and manage, without any hardware upgrades or changes for error management and is, therefore, more cost-efficient.

System Integrator (SI) compatibility

Samsung hospitality displays are compatible with various System Integrators’ protocols at purchase. This SI compatibility helps hotel managers save their time and effort when setting up multiple protocols between SI-provided set-top boxes and displays.

Headphone ID compatibility

Give guests the luxury of listening to TV in bed without the cumbersome need to extend the headphone cable. The included Headphone ID detects headphones connected to the extension sockets next to a bed where your guests can simply plug headphones to listen to the TV without disturbing others in the room.

Hospitality stand

Provide your patients with an excellent view of the TV from anywhere in the room with a TV stand. The stand provides a flexible 20º, 60º and 90º swivel support and held in place with a wall mount kit helping to ensure the TV remains firmly in place.

Variable Speaker Out

Increase guests’ in-room mobility and enjoyment by connecting the TV’s sound to other parts of the room with the external speaker-out post. Guests can listen to their TV programs from anywhere in the room or bathroom through speakers installed in remote locations.

Sound Bar Compatibility

Couple a Samsung hospitality TV with a Sound Bar to let guests truly enjoy hearing their programming. Connected by a High-Definition Multimedia Interface® cable, settings are automatically applied, making installation a breeze. A single remote lets guests have full control over both the TV and Sound Bar.

Multi-code Remote

Increase guests’ TV-viewing enjoyment by eliminating annoying interference from other remote signals in applications, such as hotel fitness centers, where multiple TVs are in close proximity. The multi-code remote can control up to 10 TVs individually in the same room.

Hotel Logo and Welcome Messages

Enhance your hotel’s brand awareness while greeting your guests with a unique hotel logo and customizable messages. Hotels can display their logos and greetings on screen for an adjustable period of 3 to 7 seconds whenever their guests turn on the TV.

SmoovieTV® Compatibility

Make your hospitality TVs another source of revenue and derive potential revenue from SmoovieTV.. The Samsung hospitality TV is compatible with SmoovieTV, which is a prepaid TV solution supported by the channel bank editor setting free channels and premium paid channels for your guests’ selection.

Channel Editor

Hotel managers can easily manage and arrange the channel mix for both analogue and digital channels without the need to adjust and edit channel lists by different TV systems. Channels can be reordered and renamed to the hotel’s preference with channel mapping.

My Channel

Enable guests to easily find and enjoy the programming of their choice without having to manually scroll through hundreds of TV channels. My Channel’s quick search function allows guests to find channels suited to their tastes, by country and genre.

USB Cloning

Simply set up multiple TVs without repeating cumbersome setting processes. Hotel managers do not have to set up each individual TVs with USB Cloning. They can easily store the settings from one TV on a USB device and then clone those settings onto other TVs.

Connect Share

Media entertainment including movies, music, and images come alive on the screen by simply plugging a USB drive directly into the TV.

Software Clock

Allow your guests to check the current time on the TV whenever needed. Software Clock is a clock display solution of in-room TVs using a remote control. The guests can easily check the time with the press of ‘Info’ button using the remote control, even when the TV is off.

Security Mode

The HC690 Series displays provide unique and strong display content management with Security Mode. Using this feature, you can disable critical functions of the displays to easily prevent changes to the displays' settings. You can also block non-compliant content or the transmission of unwanted Teletext (TTX) with a signal to maintain complete control of content on guest room displays, including input through HDMI® and USB ports. This feature is also highly beneficial for controlling displays in environments that require tight security, such as prisons.

72-hour clock backup

Help guests easily keep track of time with a reliable clock. The clock feature continues to work for 72 hours, even after the clock is disconnected from a power source, to ensure dependable accuracy and provide guests with peace of mind.

Technické detaily

Bezpečnostní spínač 
Automatická úprava hlasitosti
Wide Color Enhancer

Počítačová síť

Připojení na síť Ethernet 
Wi-Fi Direct

TV tuner

Typ tuneru 
Analogový a Digitální
Formát digitálního signálu 
Automatické vyhledávání kanálů

Možnosti připojení

Počet HDMI portů 
PC in (D-Sub) 
Verze HDMI
Počet portů USB 2.0 
Kompozitní video vstup 
Audio Return Channel (ARC)
DVI port 
Konektor pro sluchátka (line-out) 
Počet RF portů 
Počet portů Ethernetu (RJ-45) 
Audiovstup pro DVI
Rozhraní Common Interface Plus (CI+) 
Consumer Electronics Control (CEC)
Počet VGA portů 

Funkce managementu

Elektronický programový průvodce (EPG) 
Časovač zapnutí/vypnutí 
Časovač vypnutí
On Screen Display (OSD)
Počet OSD jazyků
Dálkový ovladač 
Automatické vypnutí 


Maximální spotřeba energie 
Spotřeba energie (v pohotovosti) 
Spotřeba elektrické energie 
Roční spotřeba energie 
98 kWh
Třída energetické účinnosti 
Vstupní napětí 
220 - 240V
Vstupní frekvence 
50/60 Hz


Local dimming 


Úhlopříčka displeje 
139,7 cm (55")
Typ HD rozlišení 
Full HD
3D kompatibilita 
Jas displeje 
350 cd/m²
Rozlišení displeje 
1920 x 1080 px
Kontrastní poměr (typický) 
6 ms
Svislý porozovací úhel 
Vodorovný pozorovací úhel 
Zobrazovací frekvence
100 Hz


Screen shape

Smart TV

Smart TV
Internet TV 


Vestavěné reproduktory 
Počet reproduktorů 
RMS výkon 
Dolby technologie
Dolby MS10, DTS Premium Sound 5.1, DTS Studio Sound


Funkce teletextu 


Plug and Play 


VESA mounting


Montovatelné na zeď 
VESA uchycení 
400 x 400 mm

Obsah balení

Počítačový podstavec
Návod na použití
Stručný návod k instalaci

Hmotnost a rozměry

123,06 cm
6,4 cm
71,84 cm
15,7 kg
Šířka (s podstavcem)
123,06 cm
Hloubka (s podstavcem)
22,65 cm
Výška (s podstavcem)
76,28 cm
Hmotnost s podstavcem
18,6 kg

Údaje o balení

Šířka balení 
153,5 cm
Hloubka balení 
14,5 cm
Výška balení 
81 cm
Hmotnost včetně balení 
23 kg

Další charakteristiky

Funkce hodin